Workforce Disability Equality Standard 2019-2022

The WDES focuses on the experiences of KMPT disability staff in the workplace compared to non-disabled staff. There are specific measures within each of the indicators that measure the data, experiences and opportunities for disabled staff.

Publication date:
01 October 2020
Date range:
October 2020 - October 2021

Metric 1

Percentage of staff in AfC paybands or medical and dental subgroups and very senior managers (including Executive Board members) compared with the percentage of staff in the overall workforce.

Objective - Increase staff disability declarations


  1. Ensure staff understand why KMPT ask for equality data, who sees it and why. What KMPT does with the information and what the impact is on staff, the organisation and patients.

  2. ESR initiative – launch the `update your personal details’ on ESR Self-Service portal.  Develop staff easy to follow guidance on how to update their details including equality details.  Send out why we collect data to all staff.


  1. To have a true reflection of disabled staff within the KMPT and increase KMPT’s overall percentage of disabled representation of 5.8%

  2. Increase staff declaration on ESR from 5.8% to give a more accurate understanding of disabled staff within the Trust.

Time frame

Phase one: October – December 2019

Phase two: December 2019 to March 2020

To be launched October 2019

  • To have 4 weekly monitoring updates to show increase
  • Report on increase of data to EDSG


Increased  percentage of declarations by 0.2%.

Decrease in those undeclared by 27%.

Objective - Obtain Level 3 Disability Confident Leaders Award


  1. Disability Network sub group formed to develop the safe to tell campaign.
  2. Submit level 3 accreditation assessment, gather evidence against criteria.
    Invite external validation of assessment prior to submission – identify evaluators against suggested list.
    Disability Network sub group formed to assist in the accreditation.


  1. The safe to tell campaign will allow staff to feel confident in declaring disability and disclosing on ESR.  Staff are encouraged to speak to their line manager to discuss support.
  2. Increase KMPT to the wider disability community as an employer of choice.  Promotes KMPT to the Leaders level which enables the trust to use logos for Leaders, as well as meets the WDES actions.

Time frame

  1. October 2019 onwards
  2. August 2019 - May 2020


Staff network has had interim chair for much of this year and staff have been shielding. To revisit the proposal with new chair and network. To be carried over and link to data improvement work

Evidence gathered External verification required and delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions. To be carried over