Workforce Disability Equality Standard 2019-2022

The WDES focuses on the experiences of KMPT disability staff in the workplace compared to non-disabled staff. There are specific measures within each of the indicators that measure the data, experiences and opportunities for disabled staff.

Publication date:
01 October 2020
Date range:
October 2020 - October 2021

New actions for 2020-2022

Implementing WDES

Run a series of WDES online workshops to introduce the metrics and actions to all, whilst engaging with all staff (with and without a disability) in order to identify the challenges within the workplace, and possible solutions to help improve the experiences of staff with a disability in KMPT.

Disability Awareness Training for staff

Review online EDI training to ensure inclusion of WDES.

Update Manager induction Equality Diversity module to include information on WDES.

Analyse feedback on Disability Rights UK training and determine any further roll out.

Communications (Normalising difference)

Update of iConnect staff dis)Ability network pages and ensure regularly reviewed and content updated.

Produce infographics of WDES reporting and actions to share across KMPT.

‘Share your story’/ Staff Case studies publicised widely on iConnect and  KMPT wide.

Raising Awareness about Staff disAbility Network and how staff can become allies.

Celebrating Difference/DisAbility – Annually in December International Day of the Disabled Person Staff disAbility network to consider other annual events for promotion.

Policies and practices

Promote / shared learning positive stories of flexible working; create a reasonable adjustments guidance with a clear pathway for job candidates attending job interview for new and existing staff by December 2021.

Involve Staff disAbility network in workforce related consultation exercises to make sure that disability equality is reflected throughout policies and practices.


Work with the Estates Team on improving information on accessible work spaces, meeting and training rooms.

Psychological safety

Identify, share and engage with Staff disAbility Network in work relating to psychological safety.

Consider introduction Training Inclusion Ambassadors – signposting channels for raising concerns.